2011 Youth Leadership Workshop 

Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Goal Setting
The Youth Leaders
Goal Setting
Goal Setting
Goal Setting
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2012 Youth Award Ceremony

the perfect blend

Girls to women

2012 Young Business Women Mentoring

The Perfect Blend is a non-profit organization, established in 2007 in New Haven, Connecticut, with the aim to mentor middle and high school girls from urban communities. We promote the development of leadership skills through twice-a-month workshops, projects, and activities for empowering the youth leaders from the surrounding towns.


The Perfect Blend created an annual Legendary Women’s mentoring program to foster partnerships with professional women, who volunteer their time and offer strong support to motivate our female youth.

2016 Youth Leadership Alum Conference

2016 Youth Leadership Workshop

Passing The Torch of Knowledge: A Women & Girls Conference, 2015

2016 HBCU College Fair

2015 HBCU College Fair

2015 Workshops

The Perfect Blend Youth Leadership Young Women held a January meeting for Perfect Blend Young leaders; an opportunity for alums to meet with current high school members. The girls focused on ways to start the New Year and inspired one another!

2015 Award Ceremony

2014 Workshops

2010 Youth Workshops

Passing The Torch of Knowledge: A Women & Girls Conference, 2013

Welcome to our 2013 First Women’s and Girls’ Conference. This conference is another way for The Perfect Blend to share in the education and guidance experience of our women of tomorrow. The Perfect Blend continues to focus on economic empowerment, social, educational and personal development for our Women and Girl’s future. We will always continue to take part in opportunities that will take our extraordinary Women and Girls on journeys to greater dreams, ambitions, and successes within their plans and goals.


This year our Committee would like to introduce a new element to commemorate the importance of striving for the future.  Very much like the Olympic Torch & Flame we have created the “Torch of Achievements" that our Women and Girls will passed down from one generation to the next.

The representation and symbolism behind the Olympic Flame brilliantly and profoundly defines the true purpose, meaning, and foundation of our conference:  "Endeavor for Protection, Struggle for Victory, the Light of Spirit, Knowledge, and Life".  Our Women's and Girls’ Conference has adopted this same symbolism to represent our “Torch of Achievements".  Our torch has a flame of colorful petals, just like the cauldron of petals lit to officially start the Olympics.


We like to start our conference by saying "Let The Achievement Begin*".