Jeanette Sykes

We welcome you to The Perfect Blend organization. Our past years have been exciting and rewarding experiences and positive additions to the community. Thank you for taking the opportunity to make a measurable difference and an investment in the future of our communities with your support to The Perfect Blend. Your support is changing lives and building stronger communities.


Let me take a moment to thank The Perfect Blend Advisory Boards (Legendary Women, Youth Leadership, Middle School, Mentoring First Year College Students, Finding Opportunities For Scholarships) your dedication is not going unnoticed. The young girls will greatly benefit from your time and talent.



As we head into another year, it’s important that we reflect on the accomplishments of The Perfect Blend.

The highlights are:


In 2007, we established The Perfect Blend


In 2008, we celebrated our first Annual Legendary Women program


In 2009, we instituted our Scholarship Program for young girls pursuing higher education


In 2010, we launched The Perfect Blend Leadership Program for high school girls.  


In 2011, we instituted a Middle School Mentoring Program


In 2012, we began mentoring first Year College Students and Finding Opportunities for

                 Scholarships Programs. We also hosted our first Women's and Girls Conference

                 "Passing the Torch of Knowledge"


In 2013, we hosted a Women and Girls Conference theme "Passing the Torch," and also hosted our first 

                "Black Girls Rock" production through african american women history


In 2014, we presented a Black Girls Rock sequel at the African American Summit


In 2015, we created a personalized art book, Southern CT State University, Tina Re-Art, Librarian, Art and Special Collection.

In 2016, we designed community project "Little Sister," where girls transitioning from middle school to high school were                    ................mentored on how to be successful. We also created a legendary documentary on our professional women, to             .................. understand.the support system they had while growing up and their influences.


As we move boldly into another year, I’m excited to see what is ahead for The Perfect Blend organization.


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The Perfect Blend is doing in the community:










Jeanette Sykes. Founder & President


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