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We are excited about our Youth Leadership Program!  Our mission is to “foster leadership by becoming an integral part of the whole ‘village’ needed to effectively raise our children”. 


In fulfillment of that mission, we have created a program, which focuses on the development of young future leaders such as you.  The major objectives of the Youth Leadership Program are:


To develop youth leadership skills & increase community awareness
To empower youth through civic engagement
To increase the awareness of multi-generational contributions and challenges


The program promotes the development of youth leadership skills through our empowering workshops and projects and activities.  Each segment of the program will provide participants with the necessary tools to give them the opportunity to interact with community leaders, public officials and our own legendary women. 

















Each aspect of the program challenges youth to innovate, reflect and dialogue about the role of leadership and the team culture that a leader creates.  Through your dedication and commitment to this program, you can earn community service hours.


The application process is very easy. The program runs from September to May each year. Apply by the first of September! Simply fill out the application from the link below and send in your application via mail to:


The Perfect Blend

P.O. Box 2955

New Haven, CT 06515



Or, you can email your completed application to founder, Jeanette Sykes at:



Click the yellow box below to download the application now!


"You don't become what you want; you become what you believe."