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The Perfect Blend, Inc was established in 2007 after the viewing of Oprah Winfrey’s Legend weekend. Since the establishment of the Perfect Blend, the organization has run distinct yet integrally connected programs to uplift women in the Greater New Haven African American communities by sponsoring The Perfect Blend Annual Legendary Women Banquet and Day of Mentoring and The Perfect Blend Youth Leadership Program. Our vision, via the work of perfectly blending of the generations, is to recognize and use the talents in our own Greater New Haven community to help mentor young women and girls.  The Perfect Blend Youth Leadership Program, promotes the development of leadership skills through twice–a-month workshops, projects and activities for empowering the selected youth leaders from eight New Haven high schools.























Oprah Winfrey's 'Legends Ball'


Photography by Kwaku Alson, 2005





























The Perfect Blend is a nonprofit organization blending generations together.  The Legendary Women Program started in 2008 and has recognized numerous outstanding legends at our Annual Legendary Women’s Day of Mentoring programs.   The annual day begins with our Mentoring Brunch and culminates with our evening Scholarship & Legendary Banquet.


The Perfect Blend through our Annual Legendary Women Program has formed partnerships with Legendary Women (professional women) who have made a positive enduring contribution to their communities. These women are positive role models and offer strong support to motivate our female youth. These women share their lifelong histories through their profession, communities, education and personal experiences. 


In 2009 we instituted our Scholarship Program to assist young women furthering their education. At present all of our scholarship recipients are still successfully continuing their education.


During 2010, The Perfect Blend launched its Youth Leadership Program by providing mentoring for high school girls of color from the Greater New Haven communities.  Our program is a seven month program meeting twice a month at Southern Connecticut State University in collaboration with SCSU Women’s Studies Department were The Perfect Blend mentoring each year between fifteen to twenty- five year per year.  A major part of The Perfect Blend Youth Leadership Program is the requirement that the high school girls give back to the community by completing a community project. In 2012, we expanded our approach of “blending the generations” by preparing the high school girls to mentor middle girls.


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